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    October 10, 2015
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Legal Information - Terms of Service

All graphics, scripts, animations, and layouts found on are copyright 2000-2010Resonance, Inc. unless noted otherwise. All rights are reserved. None of this site may be copied in part or full by anyone without express written permission. The tablatures contained within this site are artists' representations of songs the 'tabber' has heard. By visiting this site you agree not to hold Resonance, Inc., its staff, visitors, or sponsors responsible for any claims, damages, lawsuits, etc. arising as a result of content found on this site. Resonance, Inc. does not claim to own the tablatures and gives full credit whenever possible to the people who wrote the tabs. If you wrote one of these tabs, please contact us and we will arrange something. serves as a location on the internet that guitarists can submit tablature to be accessible by the entire world.

Submissions to Tabalorium are ONLY checked for completeness and that the content of tablature does in fact appear to be guitar tablature. Tabalorium assumes all submissions are the work of the one the submitter and assumes the rights to post them have been granted upon submitting it to Therefore,, its owners, staff, visitors, or sponsors cannot be held responsible for any content submitted and/or posted on the website. makes no warantee on the accuracy of the tablature found on this site. Use them at your own risk.

All videos found on this site are embedded from various content providers, such as The content is not hosted on our servers, we are merely providing an alternative method of accessing content found on these sites through embedding functionality provided by them. We assume any content found on these site are owned or licensed by the content provider. Any copyright claims must be brought up with the content provider directly.

If you have any remaining questions, comments, or concerns about Tabalorium's Terms of Service, please email .

Privacy Policy

Tabalorium is committed to privacy on the internet. Therefore, we only collect the information necessary to continue operating the website. Tabalorium does not collect any personally identifiable information about any visitor without his or her consent. Any information submitted to Tabalorium signifies the submitter's consent to the information being posted on (this includes, but is not limited to tablature submissions and emails).

Tablature Submissions
Only the data entered into the submission form will be posted on If you do not wish to disclose your name or email address, please do not enter them into the fields. In compliance with COPPA, anyone under the age of 13 may not disclose their email address while submitting tablature.

Tabalorium regularly makes use of cookies to store information on visitors' computers. This information is used to improve the visitor experience by "remembering" tab rating information, for example. None of the information collected or stored in cookies is personally identifiable (we do not know your name or address or who you are, merely that you have voted for a tab).
Tabalorium also makes use of statistics programs that track the popularity of different sections of the website and other information about our visitors (such as the browser type, their operating system, etc). However, none of this information is personally identifiable and is only used anonymously and is combined with the data of all our visitors so that we can identify trends and make the user experience better.

Third-party Advertisers
Tabalorium also makes use of third-party advertisers that may also store cookies and collect data on our visitors.

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Terms of Service - Tab Submissions

Submission of tablature to Tabalorium's archive signifies agreement with the following terms. Submissions become the property of, and consent by the creator of the tab is also given to to display, edit, modify the submission in any way, shape, or form. Tabalorium reserves the right to add, decline, or remove submissions for any reason. Visitor submitting the tab also agrees to any terms added to this agreement by Tabalorium with or without any notification.

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